Did You Know You Can Sell Silver Just Like Cash for Gold?

Today it seems we have all become familiar with the concept of selling gold for cash. However due to the high price of gold, many of us have overlooked the fact that silver is also a precious metal that can also be cashed in! The price of silver has also risen significantly with the trend of the economy and you could make a good amount from old silver jewelry, coins, trays, cups, and flatware. Selling silver in Los Angeles is a very similar process where a price or value can be calculated from the weight and purity of the silver items. It is best to sell your silver in Los Angeles to a local gold and silver buyer rather than online because silver items can be very large or heavy and many items can be confused which appear silver in color but in reality are just pewter, tin, or simply silver-plated.

The testing of silver can be a little more tedious than that of gold and the reason for this depends on silver factors. First off, the price of silver has always been far less than that of gold and this has lead to many more items used for different purposes to be manufactured with silver rather than gold. This is also why bigger items which weigh very heavy are made from silver more often than gold. Another problem with testing silver is the level of silver plating which occurs for sale. Many times silver plated items are not stamped as efficiently as gold plated items since this area seems to be less enforced, perhaps again due to the difference in gold vs. silver value. An item has to be cleaned very well and tested more than once for validity. Remember not to clean silver coins since this may detract from value.

Most of the companies who advertise online as gold buyer don’t mention the fact that they also buy silver, instead these companies give more stress to purchase of gold. If you are selling silver in Los Angeles to a local buyer make sure that they do indeed buy silver.

Most silver in Los Angeles is measured in grams or ounces. Keep in mind, the purity of some silver items can be low to prevent it from undergoing oxidation, however common types can be .925 (sterling silver) or .999 (new jewelry, or casting grain). You can also remember to examine the silver item to look for these stamps which will help you determine the purity of your item beforehand.