How To Tell If a Diamond is Fake

Truth be told, there isn’t always a failsafe method for determining whether a diamond is real or fake. This also considers that there are several types of diamonds and simulants: natural diamonds, extra-terrestrial diamonds, natural diamonds, moissanites, white sapphire, and cubic zirconium. There are however several indicators which can be used to determine between a stone that has worth and one that has little to no value. These methods include traditional ways, using new technologies, and diamond myths. By using these tests you can determine if your have diamonds that are worth selling by finding a diamond buyer Los Angeles.

Perhaps the most notorious traditional diamond test is what is called the fog test. To perform this test a person breathes onto a stone and if the fog is repealed immediately this indicates it is a diamond rather than a synthetic. Obviously the results of this test can vary greatly and depends on other environmental factors as well. Another general test can be done by the weight comparison of stones. Fake diamonds are heavier than a real diamond of the same size. You can go to a diamond buyer Los Angeles for an accurate diamond carat scale. A third great test for determining a diamond is by using the diamonds hardness to your advantage. It is important to realize that diamonds do break quite often so if this test is performed it is to be done so with great care and precaution. A diamond may be applied to a very rough sandpaper surface or scratched with a tool, if the stone scratches than it is not a diamond.

The ability to test diamonds has greatly transformed to the point that today we have hand-held machines to distinguish between all types of diamonds and simulants at the push of a button. Using a thermal probe, a diamond tester measures the time it takes to cool a battery-heated tip and translates this into time into determining if the stone is real or not. However, the quality of these machines depends greatly on whether or not the test will be fooled by a man-made diamond.

By using these tests you can get an idea if your diamond is real or not, but remember it is always best to have a professional gemologist examine your stones for you. You can do this with a diamond buyer Los Angeles, and also receive a price for your stone at the same time.