Journey of Gold – From Gold Coins to “Cash for Gold”

The history of gold is as shining as the gold itself. It was the first metal known to homo-sapiens. Today, gold is one of the most dynamic metals of the modern economy and at the same time it is the oldest ever element that was used to trade physical commodities. Gold coins were one of the first ever mediums that have given birth to the concept of money. Gold coins have come a long way since then. Now you can sell gold for cash and earn income from the ancient form of money.

Gold was discovered thousands of years ago as a shiny rock in a creek. It is found in its natural state and soon was one of the most well-known metals through out the world. It was one of the easiest metals to work with and is found in virtually pure state; unlike other metals which are found in ores and it is a difficult process to extract them from their ore. Its metallic properties and the fact that it never corrodes or tarnishes gradually made it one of the most valuable known to mankind.

Nobody would have ever thought that the yellow shiny rock, which they found will create history and will drive every civilization in some or the other way. It has come a long way to reach a state when people started to sell cash for gold. During the times of kings and queens it was the symbol of royalty. Starting from gold ornaments for queen to the royal throne of the king, gold was predominantly used as a metal of prosperity. Even most of the ancient temples in Asian countries have golden statues of God decorated with golden ornaments, signifying the purity of gold.

Gold has always been valuable for humans, much before it was simply money. Humans made enormous efforts to obtain gold thousands of year back. The first golden coin was made in 700. B.C. It was just the beginning of a new economy whose first milestone was kept by a golden coin. Today, although golden coins have no existence in circulated currency, gold still serves as money. Be it their golden jewelry or scrap jewelry, people still sell gold for cash. Gold is still a liquid asset, which make it another form of money. It has had and it will always remain as a metal with universal appeal to human society.