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American Buffalo Gold Coin

The Current Pay out Price for American Buffalo Gold Coin Coins are:

1 Ounce   $ 2215.71

1/2 Ounce   $ 1107.86

1/4 Ounce   $ 553.93

1/10 th Ounce   $ 221.57

American Buffalo Gold Coin contains .999% pure gold. In the years 2008-2011 the American Buffalo Gold Coins were also available in 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/10 oz denominations. The following describes the 1 Ounce coins attributes.

1 troy oz coin
Diameter: 32.6 mm
Thickness:  2.95 mm
Gross weight: 1.0001 troy oz (31.108 g)
Face value: $50


American Buffalo Gold Coins


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The American buffalo gold coin was initially authorized by the public law 109-145. It was called as the presidential $1 coin act. On these coins, images by James Earle Fraser, an American sculpture have been featured. The United States mint actually fabricated these coins for the collectors. When it comes to the word ‘proof’, it symbolizes the specialized and unique minting process which basically initiates by feeding the glossy coin blanks manually into the presses which are fitted with the customized and exclusive dies.
These coins are the very earliest .9999 24-karat gold coins. These are the $50 Dollar coins of gold which are the best way to invest in. The purity and the content of these coins are fully assured by the government of the United States. If you have already planned to sell your American buffalo gold coin then it’s important to research which company offers buy back prices up front. While looking for a good Coin or Gold Buyer, you will come across different stores rendering the services of selling gold.

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