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American Arts Commemorative Series Medallions

The Current Pay out Price for American Arts Commemorative Series Medallions Coins are:

1 Ounce   $ 2233.53

1/2 Ounce   $ 1116.76


American Arts Commemorative Series Medallions were produced by the United States Mint from 1980 through 1984

1980 Medallions contain 90 percent gold, 10 percent copper
1981 through 1984 Medallions contain of 90 percent gold, 7 percent copper and 3 percent silver.

1980 Portrait of Grant Wood
1980 Portrait of Marian Anderson

1981 Portrait of Mark Twain
1981 Portrait of Willa Cather

1982 Portrait of Louis Armstrong
1982 Portrait of Frank Lloyd Wright

1983 Portrait of Robert Frost
1983 Portrait of Alexander Calder

1984 Portrait of Helen Hayes
1984 Portrait of John Steinbeck


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American Arts Commemorative Series medallions are basically the gold bullion medallion series. They have been produced by the united stated mint right from the year 1980. The reason behind selling these medallions was to compete with the Krugerrand of South Africa.
If we go back to the history of these medallions then it is important to mention that they were recommended by the North Carolina senator after when the United States Department of the Treasury started selling part of national gold stockpile. The medallions actually depicted the significant American artists. Since the past times, gold has been the first and foremost asset which is sold at the time of any financial crisis because after selling it, one can get higher profits from it.
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