Where Can I sell Silver in Los Angeles California?


Where can you sell Silver, Gold and Platinum there are so many choices on the internet and location throughout Los Angeles and Pasadena, with prices that sometimes make no sense to even visit Cash for Gold or Gold Silver Buying Locations. Some companies will offer you a bonus but will NOT ADVERTISE THE PRICE they will really pay for your gold. Why go through the hassle of driving to a location and wasting time and money to only find out that the company is actually trying to obtain your gold, silver, platinum jewelry and valuables for less that 50% of the current market rate gold is traded for? When you sell Gold, Silver and Platinum you should stay far away from companies promising you 20% percent or 50% more than any competitor. We strongly suggest reading reviews on independent websites such as YELP.com  to see if the company really is worth dealing with. What are real customers selling gold saying after the transaction? Often companies advertise we are BBB Accredited Gold Buyers.. The BBB is a Consumer and Business Review company, why would anyone selling gold for cash file a complaint after the transaction is completed with the BBB?  BBB rates a business based on the service or products a company sells. Gold Buyers often use the BBB Rating to convince customers they are better than other gold buyers; simply not true. So remember anything you here that sounds too good to be true like that free trip to Las Vegas just for selling your gold to a jewelry store is honestly too good to be true.

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A Few key questions to ask that company on the phone:

How Much do you pay per gram for; 10K, 14K, 18 Karat Gold or 925 Sterling Silver?
What percentage of the current New York Spot price is your payout based on?
Do you publish those prices on line before I go to sell my valuables to your company? (With all the technology available why would a legitimate and trusted gold buyer not advertise what they pay if they are truly honest?)
Do you pay in Cash? (Avoid taking checks, unless the dollar amount is too large to carry on your person and you have researched the buyer)


The LA Cash for Gold Difference and why our customers keep coming back to sell  to us


LA Cash for Gold was built by the owners of a leading jewelry manufacture in Pasadena California. Who's one goal is simply to educate the public so they will make a more informed and educated decision before selling Gold, Silver, Platinum Jewelry, Diamonds, Flatware; forks, spoons, knives and more cash. Our website is designed to answer all of your cash for gold or gold buying questions before you sell you old gold. The process of selling your gold is made very simple, LA Cash for Gold employees have the jewelry and diamond buying experience to evaluate your jewelry and test each item one at a time to see what the actual gold content of the item is. Each item is weighted to see what the gram weight is, and then we use our cash for gold calculator to price the piece out. Once you accept our offer to sell your gold we then pay out in cash.

Visit our location at LA Cash for Gold - Diamano Jewelry LA's number 1 Gold Silver and Platinum buyer and we will make the process of selling your old gold for cash simple fast and fun. All of our prices are published on our website. Payout prices are pulled directly from the New York Stock Exchange and update every 2 minutes for the most accurate Gold, Silver and Platinum Pay out Price on line. All Payments are made in Cash, you do not need an appointment, and we have plenty of free street parking.


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