Where to Sell Gold in Pasadena California

Where can I sell my gold for the most cash in Pasadena California? This is something that many people in need of selling gold are searching for online. The current state of the economy puts many people in a position to liquidate assets in order to pay down loans or bills, in efforts to keep debt collectors satisfied. Some people may just want to liquidate their precious metals assets due to the rising prices of gold.

What’s the best way to determine what company to sell your old gold jewelry, coins and other valuables to?

The first thing to look for is a safe and secure environment. Make sure the company has security on the premises to guard you and your valuables. Remember inviting strangers into your home or meeting them at a local coffee shop is unsafe and against the California State Law. Search for a company that has a good reputation, who is upfront about payout prices for Gold, Silver and Platinum. Make sure the gold buyer you choose to deal with gives you an invoice for your items they purchase.

Los Angeles Cash for Gold is located in the historic Play House District in the heart of Pasadena California less than a mile away from old town Pasadena. We offer a safe and secure location for customers who are in need of turning old gold into cash. The LA Cash for Gold website offers live up to the minute pricing based of the Live Spot Price and is an educational tool that will show you how to make an informed decision when selling your un-used gold for cash. What’s my gold really worth? This is a question you will be able to answer with our website. When viewing the live prices you will see what the current spot price is, prices per karat in gram, pennyweight and troy ounces. Furthermore, if you are familiar with the karat and weight of your jewelry items then you can even use the gold payout calculator to figure out what your pay-out will be prior to going to LA Cash for Gold in Pasadena. Remember these prices change based off the New York Spot Price. The price you receive may be lower or higher at the time of sale based on current market price.

When you are ready to turn in your gold jewelry for cash you can simply visit our gold buying location. Our Staff is bilingual, professional and highly experienced and readily available to assist with testing your jewelry. Upon your arrival your items are tested and sorted by karat and weighed in grams. Based on the trading price of gold your pay-out is determined also on the karat and weight. LA Cash for Gold Pasadena purchases, gold, gold coins, silver coins, scrap silver, scrap gold, platinum, diamonds and mixed jewelry.

If this is your first time selling gold, then you want to sell your gold to a trustable Gold dealer who will complete the testing process right in-front of you. The scale is set in grams and all items are also weighed before you. If your jewelry contains diamonds and color stones, we remove and return all removable stones back to you. We also purchase some select diamonds based off the size, color, cut and quality. To finalize the process, if you are satisfied with the pay-out, then you will receive cash for your gold instantly.