Information on Selling Diamonds

LA Cash for Gold Diamonds

Selling Diamonds:

Selling diamond rings and other diamond jewelry is easy because LA Cash for Gold buys all shapes and sizes. You can sell your diamond rings, sell wedding rings, sell engagement rings, or just sell loose diamonds safely and easily. We can convert your loose diamond, diamond ring or other diamond jewelry to cash fast.



We buy these diamonds:

  • Round Diamonds
  • Pear Diamonds
  • Marquis Diamonds
  • Emerald Cut Diamonds
  • Princess Cut Diamonds
  • Asher Cut Diamonds
  • Heart Shape Diamonds
  • Canary Diamonds
  • European Cut Diamonds
  • GIA Diamonds
  • EGL Diamonds
  • Oval Diamonds


How to sell a diamond ring?

We are able to buy and sell diamond rings, diamond jewelry and loose diamonds of all shapes and sizes. Selling a diamond ring can be a big decision. Selling to LA Cash for Gold allows you to maximize the dollar amount you will obtain when you sell your diamond. We always have a demand for good quality diamonds because we are a jewelry manufacturer and diamond wholesaler and retailer. Our staff knows the business of buying and selling diamonds inside and out, and we buy diamonds every day at our walk in location in Pasadena California. Once you're ready, visit our walk in Cash for Gold location to get the most cash for your gold and diamonds in minutes. We will evaluate your Diamonds and if we can reuse them or resell them we will purchase them on the spot.