How Selling Gold Works

When you are thinking of selling gold, LA Cash for Gold is one of the most recognized gold buying companies in the state of California. From the day the company was founded the staff worked tirelessly to make sure you have all the tools at your fingertips; so that selling gold isn’t as complicated as others looking to gain more profit from you seem to make it.

There are a few important things that one needs to research and consider before selling gold, silver, platinum jewelry, coins or other valuables such as diamonds. Gold buyers and dealers often treat customers as if they are in the used car business. However unlike used cars your jewelry is comprised of many unique attributes. The content of precious metals referred to as the purity, the weight of the item known as Troy Ounces and Grams. Most important is to determine the age of the item to add to the value do to the item having antique or vintage workmanship. Remember; just because something is old does not mean that it has extra value. LA Cash for Gold was founded by a 3rd generation jeweler who actually makes and designs most of the jewelry sold at our location. Once you bring your items in for appraisal or estimates, our staff will examine the item to see if it has Vintage characteristics of certain periods of time. Estate, Art Deco, Edwardian, Victorian jewelry can be extremely valuable. Some things we look at are the work required to repair or renew these pieces. Some items may just not be worth the restoration. The good news is you still have the precious metals value in your item.

 Selling gold is easy at LA Cash for Gold the entire process is completed right in front of you. Each item is evaluated and tested then weighed on a jewelry scale to see what the gram weight is. We simply pick the karat on the Live Price chart or Cash for Gold Calculator and enter in the gram weights then hit the calculate button. LA Cash for Gold Website trades of the New York Spot Price and automatically prices you items out according the market rate. Our percentages are deducted in these calculations. Our Payout is the exact amount you will receive at the time of sale. This cuts out the unnecessary price haggle and confusion.  You can also use our website to try the math at home.

We have strict guidelines when it comes to customers looking to sell gold, silver, and platinum.

You must be over 21 years of age to sell to LA Cash for Gold. The items have to be yours and you will have to take full legal responsibly for each item you sell. You must also present a Valid US Drivers License or US State ID.

Payments are made in cash, so you do not have to wait 3 to 7 days for check to clear. You will receive a complete break down on your invoice showing the Gram Weight, the Karat and the Payout per line item.

If you’re planning to sell gold, please read some of our customer reviews then stop by our location to see why we are LA’s most trusted and well respected precious metals dealer and buyer.